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3 keys to school success and organization

My son Daniel may be downright brilliant, but since he started getting his homework in elementary school, we have had problems organizing. Like me, he is one of those “creative types” who have a hard time dealing with the structure and expectations of the academic world.

I will never forget the frustration I felt every time he got a zero grade for a project he did but “forgot” to hand over to the teacher. One day his third grade teacher contacted me about not turning in any assignments for over a month! I looked into his backpack, and there were piles and piles of homework done! I heard at conferences that "Daniel needs help with the organization." or that a lack of organization hindered its success. And then the teacher handed me the agenda, as if having one of them would solve all the problems of his organization. What they didn’t realize was that as an adult with organizational problems, I also didn’t forget to write on my agenda! Besides, what is it that actually makes an agenda entry? Hooray! Was my child destined to be unsuccessful in school just because I was disorganized at home? When I practiced being an essay writer then I learned to get organized. This is how I helped my son achieve good results in his studies.

Daniel is now a growing eighth grader, and while he will probably never be the most organized kid on the block, things have been much better when I helped him with a dissertation help to help him write his future papers.I think after years of trial, error, and frustration, we finally found three principles that work:

First, if you are an organized person, recognize that the obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to your child. Help them set up a simple system, then practice with them using the college essay writing service so they know how to write a paper. Check if they write down their assignments and make sure they read their agenda every day! Get the help of a teacher to check their agenda at school. For Daniel, we have one folder with a folder for each theme. Assigned work and unfinished work are placed in the left pocket of the folder, and assignments that are ready to turn in are placed in the right pocket. It really helps with the "I couldn't find this" excuse. Remember, setting up your system is the easiest part.

Next, try not to punish your child for his failures in this area. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, life will give out enough consequences for lack of organization. You don't need to add to them. It won't help. A disorganized child needs help and I hate to say it ... consistency. You should check his backpack every day and help your child organize the contents.

The most important and most difficult part of helping your child get organized is making organization a habit. Habits are extremely strong, and even the least organized person can succeed if they develop good organizational habits.This means that you have to go through the system every day and check. If you are not a wizard in the sequence, this can be very difficult, but it can be done. Insert a reminder on your computer or set an alarm. The sooner you start developing these skills, the better. If I had looked through his program and backpack, page by page and folder by folder, when Daniel was in third grade, I probably wouldn't have to do it now.

Our daily backpack ritual was good in other ways too. Now I get most of the announcements coming from school, and I found myself getting more information about what's going on in Daniel's life. Not because of increased organization, but because, shifting the contents of his backpack every day, we talk ...

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