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An abstract

An abstract is a written work of a brief nature on a certain with a review of information sources. The main purpose of any abstract is to collect the necessary data for a comprehensive consideration of a particular problem, ways of solving it, writing brief conclusions. Since this work is created on the basis of existing data sources, it is necessarily made a list of references. For writing abstracts in a particular educational institution there are its own guidelines.

The list of materials is always drawn up at the end of the work, but its name can be different. As a rule, it is "List of references", but can be simply "List of references", "Bibliography" or other, less common options. At the same time, the rules of design and selection of such literature of the abstract always remain the same.

The study of written materials is the main part of the preparation for writing a paper, which is divided into several stages. First you need to decide what materials will be used, because on some topics there is just a huge amount of literature, but it is not necessary to use it all.

After selecting suitable books, articles, monographs, familiarize yourself with their and choose the chapters and sections that suit you. In them, the desired text is highlighted and rewritten into the work. The author must describe in his own words the vision of the subject of the abstract due to the sources used.

Competently designed literature should: be modern, it is better if the source - not older than 5 years. Of course, if the history of this or that problem is considered, you can use literature even the century before last, the main thing - that its share does not exceed 30%. An important point is also that any laws and regulations are used only here in the latest edition.

If you have correctly selected and structured the literature, the result should be a good text with a purpose - clear, competent, with elements of analytical research. If you are not sure that you can prepare a paper of this level on your own, or there is simply not enough time for this, you can buy an abstract to order. Asking for help from specialists in this business guarantees a high-quality and competent text.

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