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How to Write an Argumentative and Persuasive Essay

In school, sometimes, all the classroom discussions turn to a book discussion. This is a American creation story where a student gets to argue with their teacher on a particular topic and defend the perspective that they chose to lean towards. The setup is quite different from the original story where a teacher gives the whole class a research assignment buyessay.

When implementing a persuasive essay, it is essential to:

  • put forward your position on the issue
  • convince the reader to see the point of view
  • support your arguments with concrete examples and verifiable evidence
  • Make it easier to follow through on the steps
  • Engage the reader with relevant data and evidence

In this regard, it is crucial to understand that the whole argumentative and persuasive essay are not very different. The variation between them varies from the purpose of the article to the approach and the length of the essay. For instance, in an argumentative essay, the writer takes the stand on a particular matter and presents supporting information while making sure to cite relevant sources as references. On the other hand, in a persuasive essay, the writer takes a different approach and tries to convince the reader to embrace his/her perspective. An example of such an essay is given below where the writer backs up the facts presented.

Elements to Consider When Writing an Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

The following are the key elements to incorporate when writing an argumentative or argumentative essay.

A thesis statement should be clearly stated. While it is somewhat obvious that it should be the backbone of the entire paper, it is important to structure it in a manner that highly influences the tone and flow of the whole.


It is also essential to understand that the arguments the writer presents to support their thesis statement should not be complicated. They should not be vague and addressed satisfactorily. This can be done by either way buy essay cheap; the first sentence should always have a clear thesis statement, which in turn justifies the main points advanced by the thesis.

Finally, to make it easier for readers to follow through on the paragraphs/ sections of your written essay, you need to ensure that your conclusion echoes the opening statement. This will help you to maintain the main points and showcasing the argument that you have taken to be the stance you have taken in the introduction.

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