Authored by Alan Luiz

Simple steps to discipline in the classroom. and respect for students

"Children should respect teachers." This truth is hammered into the head of almost all schoolchildren of more than one generation. But the questions “for what to respect”, “why” are somehow trying to bypass. Fact must be respected. Because an adult and a teacher. But the truth is that the teacher must do something to make discipline based on respect.
There is a lot of information around about cases of egregious behavior of minors and aggression of schoolchildren towards teachers. At the same time, not all teachers face such problems. For example, I have a colleague to whom from year to year we assign (because the word “fusion” seemed rude to me, although this is the essence of it) the most difficult classes in behavioral terms. And he doesn't seem to understand this. And they somehow magically turn into well-mannered and prosperous students. And this is due to the fact that he uses to teach children and thus he produces well-mannered and prosperous students. Yes, and I myself, I will not flirt, quite successfully organize a calm working environment in my lessons. There are no secrets, as usual, in such matters. But there are some inferences.
Do not make the fight for discipline the main problem
If a teacher goes to a lesson to deal with violators of discipline, he will definitely find them. And he will certainly spend a lot of energy on confronting them, on finding the instigators and the guilty. To prevent this, help children using so they can write well written papers. Because we all end up seeing what we want to see. One of my colleagues, a teacher of mathematics, once told me: “There are no classes with poor discipline, there are tasks that are incorrectly selected for the lesson.”
This phrase, heard at the very beginning of my professional path, stuck in my head very firmly. Based on it, I defined my own principle: "I go to the lesson not to fight for discipline, but to conduct an interesting lesson." And I try not to look for violators, but with the help of help them and involve all the unreached and occupy all the unemployed. With this approach, the focus of the problem shifts from the search for the guilty to the improvement of pedagogical approaches and technologies.
Yes, I am also annoyed by the blessed preachers of universal goodness who refuse to see reality because of their varying degrees of pinkness in their glasses. But at the same time, I consider a firm inner desire to see in others, first of all, positive aspects and qualities as one of the qualities of the primary professional suitability of a school teacher. And even with this approach, there are complex and acute conflict situations on the way of a school teacher.

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