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Fix Cash App direct deposit unemployment pending

Square Cash App allows users to send money, receive payments, and withdraw cash seamlessly. One who has a verified Cash App account can enjoy additional features such as direct deposit, investing in Bitcoin and Stocks. In this article, we are discussing the direct deposit feature of the Cash App. The direct deposit Cash App lets people receive tax refunds, salary checks and government stimulus checks early than many banks. The deposit hits the balance at least two days early. The users need to share the Cash App account number and routing number with the IRS department, payroll provider or Government department. 

Once you enable direct deposit Cash App, you will start receiving payments up to $25000 per deposit and up to $50000 in 24 hours. The deposit will hit your account balance on the scheduled arrival date. However, it may take 1 to 5 days to show in your account depending on the circumstances. What happens when Cash App direct deposit pending or failed for unemployment stimulus check? Let's discuss this further in the article ahead.

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