Authored by Megan Humbert

Pirate Proxy List

The Pirate Bay is a Swedish website that indexes torrent files and is one of the most popular torrent search engines for downloading torrents. It is one of the most popular websites, but it has been taken down in several countries, including India, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, due to a copyright argument by the original authors. However, as a result of this change, proxy sites for Pirate Bay have sprung up in several countries, including India, allowing daily users to access the web in countries where it is banned. So, in this guide, we'll go through all of the Pirate Bay proxy sites and include a list of connections. If you are unable to navigate Pirate Bay in your area, first search with Google to see if it is unavailable in your area. If it is unavailable, you can use the pirate proxy list listed on our site.

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